Published Writing


“In a Director’s Home” and “Interdenominational Groups Direction in the Community” in An Open Place: The Ministry of Group Spiritual Direction, ed. by Marlene Kropf and Dan Schrock. Morehouse Publishing Company, publication date, November 2012.

“Personal lament”, “Living the alternative wisdom of Jesus”. “Mustard seeds matter”, “Holy resistance: A Holy Week tradition”, “Lessons from Daniel”, “Peacemaking through forgiving” in Seasoned with Peace: Spring, compiled by Susan Mark Landis, Lisa J. Amstutz, Cindy Snider, and Judith Baer Kulp. Peace and Justice Committee of Mennonite Church USA, 2011.

“Who has been entrusted to us?”, “Lord have mercy”, “Preparing for Advent”, “Advent lament, Advent praise” in Seasoned with Peace: Fall, compiled by Susan Mark Landis, Lisa J. Amstutz, Cindy Snider, and Judith Baer Kulp. Peace and Justice Committee of Mennonite Church USA, 2011.

“A prayer for the new year”, “Praying for the world”, “A prayer for the new year”, “Praying for the world”, “A prayer while flying west with Marine Recruits”, “Transformation and change” in Seasoned with Peace: Winter, compiled by Susan Mark Landis, Lisa J. Amstutz, and Cindy Snider. Peace and Justice Committee of Mennonite Church USA, 2010.

Three worship services: “In Anticipation of a Potential Health Crisis”. “During a Health Crisis”, “In the Aftermath of a Health Crisis” in Beyond Our Fears: Following Jesus in Times of Crisis, Guide for Leaders, Faith & Life Resources, 2009.

“One body, one church”, “Pre-sermon prayer”, “Invocation”, “Birth of a child” in Words for Worship 2, ed. by Diane Zaerr Brenneman. Herald Press, 2009.

“Experiencing God: For Sunday School Classes or Small Groups” and “Finding the Heart’s True Home: A Prayer Retreat” in Soul Care: How to plan and guide inspirational retreats, ed. by Rose Mary Stutzman. Herald Press, 2003.


“Practice resurrection” Purpose, MennoMedia, publication date March 2013.

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“Mentored without knowing it!” Purpose, MennoMedia, August 2007

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“What happened when I prayed for Newt Gingrich” Gospel Herald, November 11, 1997.

“Discerning and Using Your Gifts” Stewardship for Life: Spirituality Mennonite Mutual Aid Association, Goshen, Indiana, seven-page booklet, 1997.

“Church News: Saying he is ‘ready to do this,’ Bender retires from seminary this summer” Gospel Herald, July 16, 1996.

“Book review: Meditations for Adoptive Parents” Purpose, September 1, 1996.

“Elkhart couple pastors in Moscow” The Mennonite, December 28, 1996.

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“Working joyfully for the Lord” Gospel Herald, November 14, 1989.

“The Dominican Republic’s Island Paradox: A sugar-based economy turns sour” and “Crack: Dominican baseball” World Christian, March-April, 1988.

“Banging on the Glass Dome” World Christian, July-August, 1987.

“Come and See” movie review of “Mother Teresa” World Christian, May-June 1987.

“Dear Mom & Dad” book review of Letters I Never Wrote, World Christian, September-October 1987.


“Our stories” Catapult Magazine, www.catapultmagazine.com/good-books-2  January 2012.

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“Quilting from the Soul: Living in the Intersection of Art and Spirituality” Mennofolk zine, www.mennofolk.org, Summer 2008.










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