Prayer for mid-winter

May these dark winter days
find you free of seasonal depression,
rested and content in such a fallow season.

May the darkness of these near-solstice days
be like the dark richness of the fertile earth,
hiding seeds of new life,
ready to grow in their season.

–Vernon K. Rempel, #255, Words for Worship 2, Herald Press, 2011

Although this winter has been very mild–thus far–it has been gray and dreary. Vern Rempel’s prayer comforts me as a reminder that new life follows the grayness of winter.

My friend Sally Weaver Glick is recording her spiritual practice of daily looking for light, whether that is actual light or metaphorical light. Her blog, “Sparks of Light” includes both her photography and reflections inspire me to look for light everywhere, even in the midst of gray winter.

I do have a trip to California coming this winter to visit family and friends. I try to visit each winter to soak up sunlight and warmth–physically, emotionally, and spiritually! I am grateful for the ability and resources to make such a trip. I am blessed.