I enjoy leading day-long and weekend retreats. I led my first prayer retreats in the early 1990s without any formal training, just following the nudges of the Spirit and what I wanted out of a prayer retreat!

I believe the purpose of a spiritual retreat is first for a meaningful connection with God and second with the other participants. These retreats are not necessarily for “getting away from it all” for fun and relaxation yet they are for “getting away” from what distracts us from God. My desire for the retreats is to create an environment for retreatants to experience God in a deeper way and to carry that encounter with them as they return to their daily routines. I try to incorporate times of quiet prayer, community prayer, and conversations about those experiences.

Here are a few of the retreats I have led:

  • day-long retreats for AMBS with a focus on lectio divina
  • Storytelling in Fiber, co-led with Beth Ann Williams ( at The Hermitage (
  • two women’s retreats for The Women at People’s Church, East Lansing, MI (Fall 2002: “Faithful People Responding to Religious Terrorism”; Fall 2010: “Encountering the ‘I Am’ of Jesus”)
  • ”Mary and Martha” women’s retreat, MSU Mennonite Fellowship
  • day-long discernment retreat with Florence Mennonite-Church of the Brethren

Adult Education

I have taught several adult education classes at The People’s Church, East Lansing, MI.

  • ten-week class “Exploring Prayer” based on the book by Richard Foster with additional resources for each week;
  • ten-week class “With God” based on the book by Richard Foster;
  • one class “Prayer Practices for Lent” about a variety of prayer practices and included an annotated bibliography of prayer books and resources;
  • five-week section of “Companions in Christ” formation study based on the five-part program “Companions in Christ” from the Upper Room publishers.

If you are interested in me leading a retreat or teaching an adult class, please contact me at: jmdriedger (at)

1 thought on “Retreats

  1. HI June. I happened upon your webiste today in preparation for a retreat that I am leading with my co-teachers form the Spiritual Journey for Women Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. Our retreat is titled “Our Sacred Circles” and we are doing activities with mandalas, labyrinths, lectio divina, centering prayer, communion, and discussion about intersecting circles of our lives. In addition, we are finishing up a study on the book “When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd, and after Easter are planning to teach on different types of prayer. We love Richard Foster and it occurred to me, that your studies may be a wonderful template for us to use! I would love to hear more about these Richard Foster studies. Thank you for your ministry ~ Anne

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