A prayer for gridlock (with audio)

Loving God—

I confess my anger toward Congress.
I confess my foul language when I listen to or watch the news.
I confess my hate-filled thoughts toward particular politicians.

Forgive me, loving God.

I pray for the politicians who are caught in the entrenched fight.
I pray that you soften and ease the entrenchments.
I pray that you provide a solution (or, solutions).
And, I pray for wisdom and peace for the national leaders.

Hear my prayer, loving God.

I pray for the federal workers who are on furlough.
I pray they might have something productive to do during this unexpected free time.
I pray they might not simmer in anger and resentment for this forced downtime.
I pray they might not overly worry or fret about the financial ramifications of the furlough.

Hear my prayer, loving God.

I pray for others impacted by this government closure.
I pray for those who might not receive their Social Security checks.
I pray for those whose much-anticipated plans are disrupted by closed national parks
and monuments.
I pray for those who are working without guarantee of payment.

Hear my prayer, loving God.

I pray for you to breathe your loving, gracious Spirit onto this country and help all of us to  breathe deeply of your love and compassion.
I pray that you help us make amends with those we’ve argued with, cursed at, and maybe blocked or unfriended.
I pray you will remind us that, ultimately, our allegiance is to you and our citizenship is in your kingdom.

Hear my prayer, loving God.


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