Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

§From this morning’s sermon: “Lent is not a 40-day self-improvement plan. It’s about becoming more like Christ.”  Good reminder.

§From last Sunday’s sermon:  “We cannot escape the presence of God. However, we can easily ‘forget’ that we are kept alive from moment to moment in that Divine Presence. Therefore it is important to practice getting in contact with the Divine Presence. What works best for you?

Here are some suggestions:

*Imagine God looking in wonder at you, as you might look with delight and admiration at your own child.

*Imagine yourself immersed in the Divine Presence with the Divine Light surrounding you and flowing through every cell of your body.

*Picture yourself as a cell in some organ or body part of the cosmic Body of Christ.

*Picture Jesus standing beside you, eager to be with you, lovingly energizing and supporting your prayer.

*Picture yourself surrounded by the clear bright light of the Holy Spirit, perhaps in the shape of a huge, protective, grace-filled bubble of light.

*Repeat a simple prayer silently with each exhaled breath.

*Imagine placing your hand in God’s hand.”

–adapted by Pastor Anita Smith Buckwalter from of The New Spiritual Exercises: In the Spirit of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin by Louis Savary, (Paulist, 2010).

§From last year’s reflection on Lent:

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