Further reflections from Brene Brown on vulnerability

I am a big fan of Brene Brown and her work vulnerability and shame. I love her honesty, humor, and openness. If you are like me, you watched her first TED talk when she shared about her breakdown (“spiritual awakening”) that saved her life. In this video she talks about how vulnerable she felt afterwards.

My favorite quote from this talk is this: “Vulnerability is the birthplace to innovation, creativity, and change.”  Wow. I need to be vulnerable in order to risk–to risk writing a prayer from my heart, to risk stitching an art quilt from my heart, and to risk sharing from my heart. But, wow, shame can really snap me back to a hidden place like a stretched rubber band snapping back.

The antidote to letting shame run my life is vulnerability, risk, and an open heart. A good dosage of courage and boldness helps too!

Be sure to check Brene’s webpage with her blog for further wisdom and insight.

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