My prayer for the New Year–2012

June Mears Driedger, 12/2007


This year, make your presence known, O God
throughout the world.
Reveal your true face to us–
the face of love, mercy, compassion
(rather than the face often attributed to you—
wrath, punishment, impatience).

Help us mirror your true face—
mirror back to you and to one another
so that, in our mirroring your true face
we might transform this world.



This year, make your presence known, O God
throughout the global Church.
Reveal your wide embrace to us—
your embrace of hospitality, engagement, kindness
(rather than the crossed arms often attributed to you—
exclusion, rigidity, dogma).

Help us to receive your embrace—
embrace you back and embrace one another
so that in our embracing of you
we might transform this Church.



This year, make your presence known, O God
throughout me.
Reveal your heart to me—
your heart of tenderness, attentiveness, patience
(rather than my projections of you—
perfectionism, distance, disinterest).

Help me to embrace your heart
so that in my embracing I may be transformed.


(The above image is from my brother’s home and I was so intrigued with the tile work I had to photograph it. I am reminded of celtic knots the way the pattern weaves in and out of itself).

4 thoughts on “My prayer for the New Year–2012

  1. I am printing your prayer, if it is OK and will share it with my residence hall staff next week. I believe God will use it in many ways. Thanks so much for sharing. PS, I will share where I got it from.

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