Prayer of the week: For the 7 Billionth Baby

“Amid the millions of births and deaths around the world each day, it is impossible to pinpoint the arrival of the globe’s 7 billionth occupant. But the U.N. chose Monday to mark the day with a string of festivities worldwide, and a series of symbolic 7-billionth babies being born.”—Associated Press

Creating God—

I praise your creating Spirit with this new baby! Thank you for life and for love.

Bless this baby (and all the babies around the world). Bless the mother, father, and extended family who will love this baby as he or she grows into personhood.

May this baby thrive with good nutrition, safe home and accessible medical care.  May this baby know that she or he is loved, cherished, and celebrated.

I pray also for the mother: May she be surrounded by helpful and wise women who can comfort her in her fatigue, listen to her anxieties and provide sound counsel on these first days and weeks with a newborn. May this mother receive nutritious casseroles (or whatever her equivalent is!) and yummy desserts. Let her community support her and receive this new life.

I pray also for the father, if he is with the mother. May he also be surrounded by helpful and wise men who can teach him about this new life and what it means for him. Give him courage and calm his anxieties. Help him to listen to the wise women—help him to trust their knowledge.

Loving God—

I think of Julian of Norwich’s description of prayer: “I gaze at God and He gazes back at me.”  Let all those who feed the baby gaze at the baby with deep love. And, as the baby gazes back, let her or him receive that loving gaze.

Surround this family with Divine Love.

Surround the 7 billion people on this earth with your Divine Love. Amen.

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