Prayer and art-making

My "corner" office where writing happens. Photo by Kevin Driedger

“How do you pray about your writing?”

My spiritual director asked me this question a few weeks ago.  I said, “I pray the psalm, ‘O God, come to my assistance, make haste to help me!’” (I was only sorta joking).

But I was surprised and unsettled by her question (and continue to be): How do I pray about my writing?

And the truth is: I don’t really. I do pray, “Help me to do what needs to be done” but this is more about tasks to cross off my to-do list. It’s not about co-creating with God through my writing.

So, my question to you is: How do you pray about your art (whatever medium it is)? Please leave a comment and let’s get a conversation going. Thanks!


 “Now is the time to remember that all you do is sacred.” –Hafiz

(found in The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom by Christine Valters Paintner, p. 38)

The essentials for writing: paper, pen, coffee! Photo by Kevin Driedger

2 thoughts on “Prayer and art-making

  1. As a photo artist/archivist/journalist I pray that my work would
    1. Glorify God in the process, the progress, and results.
    2. Draw the reader in through the image or the words to connect them to the Creator
    3. Leave a lasting impact/legacy for future generations who view my work

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