Clergy Renewal Retreat Series

This is a nine-month program of quiet days (9 am to 4 pm) at The Hermitage (Three Rivers, Michigan) with facilitated group spiritual direction for clergy persons.  The purpose is for clergy to experience a time apart from the details of the church office and to reconnect with God. The group spiritual direction is a time of contemplative prayer and listening to one another.

The renewal days meet on the following Thursdays:

*September 8                          *October 13                            *November 3
*December 1                           *January 5                               *February 2
*March 1                                  *May 3                                     *June 7

The cost for the 9 sessions is $600 (half can be paid in 2011 and the other half in 2012). This includes a private room, lunch and the facilitated group direction.

Interested clergy should register by August 15. Overnight accommodation may be available for an additional fee.

For further information, contact me at: jmdriedger [at] or The Hermitage at: 269.244.8696

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