Arts Saturdays: Spirit Collage

Collage is an accessible medium for individuals who are beginning to use visual expressions as part of their prayers.  Both spirituality and art use the power of symbols to awaken us to the Spirit’s nudging in our lives. And collage is an accessible form: card stock, images, and glue!

Arts Saturdays: Spirit Collage is a four-session retreat at The Hermitage (Three Rivers, Michigan) which explores God’s presence in our lives though collage making, contemplative gazing, and journal writing.

Participants can choose from the following options or choose all four:

*September 10: Introduction to Collage        *October 15: Mandala Collage
*March 3: Labyrinth Collage                          *May 5: Triptych Collage

The cost is $60 per session or $220 for all four sessions. This includes lunch and all retreat materials.

Interested persons should register for all four sessions by August 15 or one month before each session. Individuals wanting to stay overnight or have a private room accommodation should make separate arrangements when registering.

For further information, contact me at: jmdriedger [at] or The Hermitage at: 269.244.8696

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